Heraldic Elements 

Order your custom digitized and stitched coat of arms


select the elements of your device and combine them to make your own design.

Custom Device

Submit a picture of your coat of arms via email.  Be sure to include specific colors.  Better yet, include the blazon of your device.  The charges will be embroidery and the field will be fabric.

Your device will be digitized to fit on a 5" x 7" shield.  It will be stitched inside a shield shape on a fabric field as a patch so that you can sew it onto your garb.

Please include your name and address so that the finished product can be sent via snail mail.

Price for digitizing, stitching and mailing  the design will be $25.00 in the United States.  Additional postage will apply to international mailing.

Custom Coat of Arms including Patch and shipping



Custom Coat of Arms - Design only



Digitized portion of design

Deign stitched on green field

Single Charges

Each single charge is $2.50.  You will receive the design digitized for a 2x2 hoop and a 4x4 hoop.  Please contact me if you need some other size.

Eagle Displayed



Lymphad, Sails Furled


Sun in Splendor


Heraldic Dolphin Naiant



Gilly Flower Slipped and Leaved


Hawk's Lure