Purchase any set on the site for $3.50.  Even greater savings are available on multiple purchases.

Here is what you do.  First, look over the site to see what sets you would like to have.  Be sure to make a list as you will need it to get your sets.

Any one set is $3.50.  If you only want 2 sets, click the button twice.  But for $2.00 more you can get another set.

Buy three sets and they are yours for $10.00  Big savings.

Buy 5 sets and they are yours for $15.00  Humongous savings.

How do I get these sets:

Using the buttons below, select the One, the Three or the Five set button.  Check out through PayPal and email your list of sets to me at  Please be sure to pick the correct format on the button.

You will receive your sets within 24 hours by email.  So be sure your email is correct.

This sale will last through August 15.  Don't miss out. 

I only want one set. $3.50


I want to save. 

Give me 3 sets.  $10.00


Give me big savings. 

I want 5 sets.  $15.00

Thank you for visiting us at Northwind Designs, home of quality machine embroidery designs and custom digitizing.  Enjoy your visit.  If you are looking for a specific design, please contact me at Northwind Designs.

To view larger versions of the designs, please click on the name of the set or the composite picture of the set.  This will take you to the individual set page.

If you need a format that is not offered or you would like the designs sized for a different hoop, please contact me at Northwind Designs to arrange the changes. There is no additional cost to you.

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All purchases will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment.  Due to the electronic nature of these products, there are no refunds on sales. 


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Heraldic Elements, custom digitized coats of arms and individual charges.

Clipart Carousel, clipart sets. 

Embroidery Passbook, exclusive Northwind Designs

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All design files and derivative works are Copyright © Northwind Designs.  You may embroider these designs for personal use or on items for sale.  You may NOT transfer, sell, share, or post these design files or images of them anywhere without written permission. Nor may they be included in any compilation of designs without written permission.

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When files are uploaded to the website, I, along with a couple of my testers in other parts of the country, check to make sure the files download correctly. 

If you receive a file that says it is corrupted upon trying to open or unzip the file, consider the following.  You may be experiencing the 'corrupt zip file' error if you are using a slow internet connection such as dialup.  What browser are you using? What zip program are you using?

I suggest you unzip the file immediately after downloading to make sure it is correct.  If it is corrupted, delete the corrupt file and try downloading again.  Free design files are only on the site for specified periods of time: the monthly freebie, the weekly free alphabet letters. 

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